Hartwig Instruments is the address for:

  • Glass thermometers with mercury or an environmentally friendly indicator, ASTM thermometers, calibrated, un-calibrated or with test certificate.
  • Measuring rods for draft-survey, sounding rods for ships and small liquid tanks.
  • Seals for sealing samples, sealing tongs, aluminium seals, plastic seals, hand fastening seals, container seals,  lead seals, metal or hemp rope seal thread etc.      
  • Glass densitymeters for mineral oils or for example especially for sea water.
  • Explosion secure Bright Star, Peli (Super Sabre Lite) and Maglite torches.
  • Cases strong peli
  • Water finding paste or oil measuring paste from Kolor Kut, Vecom and Sar-Gel, water finding paper in cylinders for edible oils.
  • Thermostatic baths, scales.
  • Plastic or glass measuring cilinders.
  • Grain sampler, coffee samplers, shovels, funnels, ore sample splitters, crushers, enz.
  • Rope and chain
  • We represent Marine Moisture Control (MMC), Hanna Instruments, Julabo, ThermoProbe.

We can also take care of the calibration of all your instruments


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